Nacu Herbal Tea (Diabetes)


100 % Herbal

100 % Natural Roots and Herbs


No Negative side effects


Nacu Herbal Tea is a natural preventive and reversal remedy for Diabetes (High Blood Sugar/Glucose) and it is prepared with 100% natural herbs with no chemical additives. Nacu Herbal Tea naturally influences and repairs the Pancreas so that through drinking the tea for a period of time, Diabetes loses its original cause. Nacu Herbal Tea benefits the whole glandular system, aids metabolism and helps people who suffer from chronic metabolic disorders.

Nacu Herbal Tea contains Flavonoids and Triterpenes amongst other active substance. Flavonoids which is an active substance helps to prevents or ameliorates adverse effects on the kidney of those with elevated glucose consumption, high fat diet, type 1 and type 2 diabetes

How to use: Soak 3 tea bags in 50cl hot water overnight. Add another 50cl of boiled water into the soaked tea the next morning. Keep tea in a vacuum flask to remain warm throughout the day

Dose: Drink tea 3 times daily. Take ½ cup of tea 15 minutes before each meal and ½ cup of tea after each meal. NAFDAC Reg: A7-2829L


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