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Lifestyle Diseases and Wrong Eating Habits

Lifestyle Diseases and Wrong Eating Habits

We welcome you to a season of healthy living. Make it a priority to live healthy in this year and beyond. Our last two publications have centred around awareness creation on the health endowments/deposits nature can offer you. The following series will identify modern living health disorders and remedial actions that will sustain your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Oftentimes, people have termed some diseases which are more prevalent in this modern-day to be degenerated diseases. This term is really a misnomer. For years people fatalistically accepted the idea that atherosclerosis-related diseases (such as coronary heart diseases and stroke), diabetes, hypertension, cancer and other ailments were diseases of old age and therefore to be expected. Nothing could be further from the truth, because in western society 100 years ago:

  • Atherosclerosis related diseases were virtually unknown. The first description of coronary artery disease and heart attacks appeared in the medical literature in 1910. Today these diseases are responsible for almost every third death globally.
  • Cancers of the breast, colon, prostate and lungs were virtually unknown. These cancers however are now claiming seven million lives annually.
  • Similarly, few diabetics were known then. Yet today diabetes rates are increasing with frightening speed and the current number of 230 million diabetes worldwide is expected to double over the next 20 years. Diabetes and its complications now represent one of the most frequent causes of death.

However, the concept of western diseases is lifestyle-related and modern-day living has created degenerative diseases which is generally an issue today.  Diseases of lifestyle include but are not limited to the following: coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, AIDS, Diarrhoea and many more…

It is important therefore to understand that these diseases are not ‘DEGENERATIVE”, they are not necessarily the result of growing older. The fact that an increasing number of younger people are suffering from them refutes this. They are basically diseases associated with wrong eating habits, too much eating and drinking, too much smoking and No exercise. Hence people generally create their own diseases. Today what we see is that medical science is treating the symptoms, but it’s time to attack the causes.   The solution to most of our health challenges does not depend on physicians, technological advances, or the quality of hospitals. Our health today is determined largely by our lifestyle choices. Good health in today’s world mainly depends on what we are willing to do for ourselves – how we choose to live, especially how we eat, drink and exercise.

The westerners pride themselves on being the best-fed nation on earth, but they are paying heavily for the privilege in needless diseases, disability and premature death. It is quite unfortunate that Africans are now tolling the path of the westerners and are more exposed to diseases. People in developing countries of Africa (Nigeria) are now eating too much sugar, too much fat, too much cholesterol and too much salt. We eat too many calories and often. Such abundance and deposits of calories have helped in laying the foundation for coronary artery diseases, stroke, diabetes, stroke, hypertension (High blood pressure), obesity and several kinds of cancers. These chronic diseases will be responsible for three out of four deaths worldwide by the year 2020. They are related to lifestyle, especially how people eat even the bible confirms that “he who guards his mouth, and his tongue keeps himself from calamity” proverbs 21:23. Major culprits of lifestyle diseases:

Sugar: sugar is devoid of fibre and nutrients, refined sugars are empty, but because of their caloric density, they are well suited to promote obesity. People who consume sugar a lot are exposed to obesity which in turn forms a basis for hypertension.

Refined foods: people used to think refinement was good because it got rid of useless roughages. Now we are learning how necessary fibre is in protecting us from certain cancers, stabilizing blood sugar, controlling weight and preventing gastrointestinal problems such as gallstones, haemorrhoids, diverticulitis and constipation.

Salt: most people consume 10 to 15 grams of salt a day. This is much more than is needed and contributes prominently to high blood pressure, heart failure, and kidney diseases.

Fat: most people do not realize that they are consuming two to three times more fat, oil and grease than is optimal for good health. As a result, blood vessels plug up, impotence sets in, and hearts and brains suffer. A high-fat diet also contributes to overweight, adult diabetes and certain cancers.

Protein: a diet with meat and animal product provides more protein, fat and cholesterol than the body can use. For instance, we eat two to three times more protein than is recommended. Scientist now recognizes that a more natural, traditional diet containing less animal protein and much less fat and cholesterol is essential for improved health and longevity.

Beverages: people do not drink enough water. Instead, many now drink more soft drinks, beer, coffee, tea and sweet drinks every day. Because most of these drinks are loaded with calories from sugar and alcohol, they can play havoc with blood sugar levels and sabotage weight-control efforts. Caffeine, phosphates, and other chemicals found in beverages pose additional health risks.

Snacks: Engineers tastes sensations are taking the place of real food. It has become fashionable for schools, daycare centres, even hospitals to make snacks available. Coffee breaks are becoming the standard at work, and snacks reign supreme after school and at home. Well, planned family meals are becoming more and more the exception. Snacks attacks disrupt digestion, overburden the stomach, and are a frequent causes of bloating and indigestion.

What then do we eat?

You may be wondering what to eat since all that is known to be every day food is what has been identified as culprit to diseases and health disorders. The answer is developing an eating lifestyle that is compliance with what nature offers. However, according to the plan of God, he has given leaves, herbs and fruits as food for mankind (Revelation 22:2; Genesis 1:29 – 30; Psalm 104: 14). You need to begin to think of fruits of many varieties, spectacular colors and every imaginable texture and flavor. Go for vegetables, potatoes, legumes all kinds of beans, lentils and don’t forget the grains like whole- wheat, oats and millet- the mainstay of good diet and gold mine of delectable and healthy foods.

Eating a variety of whole- plant foods will furnish all the fat, protein, fibre and nutrients the body needs. It’s also ecologically sensitive and will reduce your food budget. The best news is that these types of dietary lifestyle help delay arrest and reverse and often prevents the onset of most killer diseases. However, for people living with some of these killer diseases, Medi-Herbs Limited has variety of herbal products that will help prevent and treat these diseases including diabetes, hypertension, cancer, stroke, obesity etc…

What you don’t know about eating will ultimately hurt you, beware and take control of your health today, tomorrow might be too late!!!

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